Handle With Care

is an experiential storytelling system that hopes to encourage a humanistic dialogue surrounding the American Immigrant Experience. The printed materials are designed to emulate the process and paraphernalia of running a dry cleaning business, which is how my own immigrant parents spent over 12 years in order to provide for their kids.
︎︎︎Experience Design
︎︎︎Senior Thesis
︎︎︎Winter 2020

At a glance, each set of shirts is no different from the other, simply one part of a large numerical system, and perhaps it can to be paralleled to the actual immigration system. However, upon closer inspection, each set tells its own story of struggle, success, hard work through the tags, labels and receipts. These stories come from real immigrant families and shed a light on what it is like establishing oneself in a new country, ways in which to overcome obstacles, and their hopes and dreams moving forward.

These unique yet shared experiences do not lessen the American-ness of an individual. Rather, these are the journeys that represent the heart of this nation.

Colorado Springs, Colo.