is a sponsored project utilizing 3M technology to design mobility solutions for the year 2035. Asha Cook, Emily Newland Johnson, and I collaborated closely with Transportation Design MFA, Fei Xi and Kangxian Huang, from initial ideation to concept design to final presentation. Our group heavily researched wearable technology, interface design, future mobility, inclusive design, and the projected 18-25 y.o. lifestyle demographic in Shanghai. The work consisted of sketching, prototyping, AR design, interface animation, persona creation, and three separate presentations. The final solution, two self-driving rideshares and a wearable sharing device in the form of contact lens, was presented in front of 3M executives and selected for top two strongest concepts.
︎︎︎Interface Design
︎︎︎Fall 2018
︎︎︎Co-created with Asha Cook, Emily Newland Johnson, Fei Xi and Kangxian Huang

Colorado Springs, Colo.